Transcatheter therapies for tricuspid regurgitation

Updated on May 17, 2019
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Transcatheter tricuspid valve repair

Multiple technologies for TR repair are under development. Some of them have gained clinical implementation (Figure 4). Taking into account the anatomical target for repair, they may be divided into coaptation and annuloplasty devices (both direct suture and direct annuloplasty devices). In this chapter we will describe those technologies that have gained clinical use in humans and that have the highest chance of being incorporated into the interventional armamentarium in the near future.

Figure 4

Main devices for transcatheter tricuspid repair.

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The MitraClip® (Abbott Vascular, Santa Clara, CA, USA) in the tricuspid position has been by far the most used device, with more than 650 procedures performed worldwide (66% in the recently published TriValve registry 88. Taramasso M, Alessandrini H, Latib A, Asami M, Attinger-Toller A, Biasco L, Braun D, Brochet E, Connelly KA, Denti P, Deuschl F, Englmeier A, Fam N, Frerker C, Hausleiter J, Himbert D, Ho E, Juliard JM, Kaple R, Kreidel F, Kuck KH, Ancona M, Lauten A, Lurz P, Mehr M, Nazif T, Nickening G, Pedrazzini G, Pozzoli A, Praz F, Puri R, Rodés-Cabau J, Schäfer U, Schofer...

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